Taking Care of Your Body and Budget

Here is a guest post from Pat at the Prevention Coalition. Thanks Pat!

With the obligations of modern life, it’s hard to keep your health in check. And with inflation showing no signs of slowing, our finances feel more unstable than ever. With all this pressure, there’s no better time than now to start taking care of yourself and your wallet.

Frugal Feasting

If you end up grabbing fast food a few nights a week, meal planning will save you money while helping you eat healthier. By dedicating one night a week to preparing your meals for the next seven days you can eliminate the temptation to go out and spend money on unhealthy food for the sake of convenience. Once you’ve made meal planning a habit, fast food will seem like a waste.

You can cut your food budget further by growing your own produce if you have the space for it. Seeds and starter plants end up paying for themselves with the mass amounts of crops they can generate. Your garden’s fruits and vegetables are healthier, without the chemicals and pesticides used in commercial farming. Most of all, you’ll have convenient access to fresh produce without leaving your property.

Economical Exercise

Though private gyms may have the most variety in workout options, they’re unfortunately also one of the most expensive fitness solutions. Studies have found that more than 10 million people have gym memberships in the UK alone. If you want to save money while getting in shape long term, a home gym may be a good investment.

Rather than pay a monthly fee, which is wasted if you don’t use it, you can purchase the equipment you want to use outright. As long as you use the equipment, the savings from your canceled gym membership will grow. If you don’t have space for a gym in your home, think of what outdoor activities are available in your area. 

Bike paths and jogging tracks are common in many neighborhoods, and there may even be workout equipment at a nearby park. If you’re unsure where to begin, look at a walk score map of your community. That makes it easy to spot where the best places to walk are located.

If you have a job that involves travel, think of some options for staying fit while you’re away, on a budget. Many hotels have complimentary gyms and pools for guests. If your accommodations are near your work site, consider walking or biking rather than using public transport or taxis. Keep yourself accountable at business dinners as well; decadent desserts and high-calorie alcohol go against what you’re trying to accomplish.

Healthy Home Life

If there’s no space in your house for a home gym and the weather isn’t cooperating, there are a few ways you can exercise using everyday household items. You can do tricep dips on walls, counters, and chairs. Running up and down your steps is good cardio if it won’t bother the neighbors. You can do sit-ups, push-ups, and jumping jacks practically everywhere.

Above all, your home should be a place where you can escape the stressors in your life. Finding ways to let in natural light will improve your mood and cut down your electric bill. Having a quiet place to reflect or even meditate will let you consider what other healthy choices you can be making. Make sure to build your home to suit your needs.

Start saving money and losing weight today. By delaying these goals, you’re missing out on their potential benefits. Saving money can lead to financial security and the ability to pursue your passions, while losing weight can improve your health, boost confidence, and increase energy levels. Take action now, even if it’s a small step, and you’ll be on your way to a better future for yourself.

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